Pocket Maps Pro App Reviews

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Free Version has nothing to offer, neither does the 1,99 Version.

Waste of time.

They expect you to download each city one at a time. The content is very slim compared to other options. The UI is terrible.


Completely inaccurate. Waste of money.

Total crap

Youll not be happy after paying for this. You have to download individual cities abd no rural areas. Theyre not even accurate, like they are 5 year old maps

Waste of money

Waste of money, I couldnt find several streets although Google maps had it. Also cant use for route directions without Internet, you need Internet to start first, so basically its the same with free Google maps


Im in it to see where i an in cause i was kidnapped

Very poor list of maps

Useless app

Absolutey useless for route planning

I downloaded this app because it looked promising to use for offline route planning. Unfortunately it is useless for this purpose since there are nearly no maps for Germany available. If you want to go from Berlin to Falkensee for example, a suburb with a population of 45000 people you are outside the available maps already. Try going from Berlin to Munich, no chance, more than 80% of the distance not covered. For pure offline maps without route panning there are much better apps such as CityMaps2go.


I would say that if you are providing an app specific to travel, that you be certain that it is current. I just downloaded this app and searched for two renown cafes in Paris and neither were found. Stopped using it after that.


Requires updates regularly, if not updated every week will leave you stranded without access to maps. Will not allow to build itinerary with just address. App is useless.


Wont download a single map. Another rip off! Scam.


After purchasing offline pro The app continues to crash within 15 seconds of opening it very! Frustrating! I need support however no way of contacting tech


There is no method how to use it very frustrated after buying pro version how to save it? Only downloading after download how to open it?

Great customer support

The map itself is good. What I was impressed was their customer care. The maps I wanted werent on the list so I requested to add them then they were added in a few days.


If you ask something, you will learn it quickly. If you wanna add something and request, they will do it soon


Its the same map with the free version of Okayama japan.so disappointed.

Not happy

Not working without cellular data. Only GPS DATA is not enough to run this baby. Lost some money today :(

Waste of money

I have this app and Its just waste of money and totally useless. Not recommend at all.


Its annoying that you have to download 64 maps if you want to travel in Poland, couse there is no one map for whole country!

Problem with starting of the program

It doesnt open

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